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New Videos from Starlight Studio artists 0

My first stop in Buffalo was at the Starlight Studio and Art Gallery. As part of my residency at Squeaky Wheel, we had coordinated in advance with Starlight to organize 4 2-hr workshops. We worked with a group of 6 adults, none of whom had ever produced a video before, but are all really talented […]

Workshop at Cobbs Creek 0

Today Colette and I worked with a group of 10 students at the Cobbs Creek Library. We used the prompt, “I feel supported when” to get the students moving… They each took the prompt in their own direction. Here are the results. Lots of talent among them!

I am 1

This video was produced in collaboration with the Prodigies Summer program at the Norris Square Neighborhood Project.

Postcard from Ali 0

Video by Ali- featuring the rhyme: “Troubled Youth” Made in collaboration with ArtWorks and OUTSpoken- a project of Mural Arts. Read more about the workshop here!

A Gamer’s Point of View 0

“I’m the duelest of the North East.” This video was produced by Ahkir Barrett during a 4-week workshop at the Central Library in Philadelphia, as part of the ongoing Teen program. Read more about the workshop here!

Hanging Around Erie 0

This video was created by Luna during a summer workshop with Centro Pedro Claver.

Postcard from Gary 0

This video was created by Gary Browne during a workshop at the Myers Rec Center in partnership with The Temple Youth Voices Project. Read more about the workshop here!

Postcard from Laila 0

Video created by Laila during the youth media workshops presented as part of the project: Gaining Ground Discovering the New Iranian American. Read more about the workshop here!

Pottery, and not so much of me 0

This video was created by Amitai Coplon, age 8, during a 4-wk workshop with Homeschoolers at his home in Chester, PA. Read more about the workshop here!

Belmont Plateau 0

Yesterday I took a mini Residency in the Van. Went with Carlos to Belmont Plateau to enjoy the sun and do some editing. We also created 2 short postcard/haikus inspired by the moment.