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Videos from Holy Child 0

Videos produced as part of a day-long workshop with Young Audiences at Holy Child Academy working with 23 4th-8th graders. Working in teams, they produced these 4 short vids: Late: The Janitor: The Robbery Chase: One More Goal:

Hip Hop Heritage in South Philly 0

Participants from SEAMAAC‘s Summer Hip Hop Heritage program worked together to capture different aspects of the program. This workshop was offered in partnership with Scribe Video Center‘s Street Movies Program.

Homebound Exchange 0

Video created by Jay Ostia during a workshop with Community Arts students at Tyler, as a contribution to the Reciprocity show at the Painted Bride April 6-June 6 2012.

Elsewhere artists 0

This is the start of a series of video postcard-interviews I produced with residents of Elsewhere during the month of August. Enjoy a peek at their work and their creative process. Denise Driscoll Oliver Jones “Troubled Birth” Robert Peterson Layet Johnson

Peace 1

This video was produced by Jennifer, Aleya and Shermar during an hour long after school workshop at the West Oak Lane Library.

Singing with style 0

This video was created and performed by Arianna, Kristie and Fantasia as part of the hour-long after school program at the Oak Lane library.

Postcard from Ali 0

Video by Ali- featuring the rhyme: “Troubled Youth” Made in collaboration with ArtWorks and OUTSpoken- a project of Mural Arts. Read more about the workshop here!

A Gamer’s Point of View 0

“I’m the duelest of the North East.” This video was produced by Ahkir Barrett during a 4-week workshop at the Central Library in Philadelphia, as part of the ongoing Teen program. Read more about the workshop here!

Hanging Around Erie 0

This video was created by Luna during a summer workshop with Centro Pedro Claver.

Postcard from Gary 0

This video was created by Gary Browne during a workshop at the Myers Rec Center in partnership with The Temple Youth Voices Project. Read more about the workshop here!