MIM works with neighborhood programs and community-based organizations to produce, distribute and exhibit short form documentary videos as a way to support and enhance existing community organizing work. The project seeks to facilitate an exchange within and between neighborhood residents in Philadelphia in order to share strategies and responses to social concerns. MIM presents a model of communication that promotes the benefits of technology while affirming the importance of public space and personal interactions. Through video production workshops, multiple distribution platforms and innovative teaching models, MIM activates relationships by networking people and promoting self expression as a step toward social change.

Messages in Motion will come to your neighborhood to assist you and your group in the creation of videos that inspire, educate and convey important messages, and then we share them with other communities and organizations all over the city.

We will arrive in our blue van, with Flip cameras, laptops, Internet access, and a viewing monitor to share movies made by folks just like you. We arrive directly to your favorite gathering spot, community garden, park, or office.

We can provide a 4-hr workshop (or multiple visits), access to digital technology resources and a space to share and document inspiring community-based projects.

Each participant will create their own video sharing images and stories about their neighborhood, their interests, as well as their concerns. The videos will be shown in other neighborhoods where the van travels, as well as submitted for broadcast on TV, and posted on the Project Website, where they can be shared with friends and family.

Download the full project description if you are interested in participating

In October I participated in a NetSquared Event with my colleagues Dave Moore and Samuel Reed

who are also doing great Media Literacy work in Philly. Here is the video from our presentations.

Creative Team
Creative Director:Laura Deutch

Codirector:Katya Gorker

Toolkit Design: Irit Reinheimer

Curriculum Assistance: Dave Moore

Exterior Van Artwork: Bassem Yousri

Logo Design:Christopher Thomas

Technical Coordinators: Bruce James, Martin Lautz, Dave Onion, Carlos Pascual


Past Interns:
Christopher Thomas, Colette Boylan

Thank you to Parkway Painting and Stanley Deutch for the donation of the Van!

Philly NetSquared: Youth and Digital Empowerment from PodcastSteve on Vimeo.

Messages in Motion is a project of the Termite TV Collective (www.termite.org)