• Videos from Holy Child July 23, 2014

    Videos produced as part of a day-long workshop with Young Audiences at Holy Child Academy working with 23 4th-8th graders. Working in teams, they produced these 4 short vids:


    The Janitor:

    The Robbery Chase:

    One More Goal:

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  • MIM continues Temporary Media Zone August 25, 2013

    During the month of August, Messages in Motion has been visiting the vacant lot at the corner of N. 6th and Oxford. Each session has used different approaches to engage the neighborhood in creating short video postcards about their interests, their community and their neighborhood. Videos have ranged from short vocal and dance performances, walks around the block, and short interviews with residents.  A series of 4×6 postcards have also been produced based on drawings from the kids and photos they have taken.  This project has been supported by a grant by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, as part of their Percent for Art program.

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  • MIM to activate a Temporary Media Zone at N. 6th and Oxford in AUGUST June 16, 2013

    With a grant from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, Messages in Motion will be working at the vacant lot, located at N. 6th and Oxford streets, to activate a ‘Temporary Media Zone,”  for the production and distribution of short video messages and hyperlocal media by neighborhood residents.

    During the duration of the Temporary Media Zone, I will create both structured workshops and open ‘studio’ time.  The workshops will invite residents to learn a variety of filmmaking techniques, audio recording techniques, and online tools for documenting personal and neighborhood stories. ‘Open Studio’ time would function as a pop up community media center, where people could record and upload stories, contribute to the project blog, borrow a camera to take photos or conduct interviews.

    In the evenings, there will be movie screenings of both the videos produced by residents alongside a selection of independent and popular films.

    OPENING DAY will take place on SATURDAY AUGUST 3rd 2013.


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  • MIM visits NJ schools with support from Young Audiences March 6, 2013

    The MIM van will be conducting workshops at Various NJ schools from March-June.
    Stay tuned for more details and videos from the students!

    Philipsburg Middle School February-March, featured afterschool program
    Grace Dunn Middle School, Trenton, March 7th, visiting 6th-7th grade classes
    Wolf Hill Elementary School, Oceanport, June 5-6, visiting elementary school classes

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  • Decarcerate PA videos! November 5, 2012

    On Saturday Nov 3rd I facilitated a workshop with organizers from Decarcerate PA, including 3 members of YASP (Youth Arts Self Empowerment Project), a coalition organization which campaigns to overturn Act 33, which tries juveniles as adults in PA. Decarcerate PA is a grassroots campaign working to end mass incarceration in Pennsylvania. This is a small sampling of the work produced, and just the start to more creative campaign videos.
    Decarcerate PA:

    Videos from Members of Youth Arts Self Empowerment Project:

    This is for you Governor Corbett:

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  • Messages in Motion at the Ever Never Night Market September 22, 2012

    The Ever Never Night Market was a popup carnaval that took place on Saturday Sept 22 at the Little Berlin Fairgrounds in Kensington. I invited people in to the van to record a message to some in the future. I recorded 15 messages that are being sent out over the next 6 months. Some of the messages were public, others were sent privately. Here is a rave review from a group of neighborhood kids who had a blast!

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  • MIM to Start Workshops in collaboration with Street Movies / Scribe Video Center July 16, 2012

    In an exciting partnership with Scribe Video Center, Messages in Motion will be working with 6-8 community groups prior to Street Movies to facilitate video workshops with community groups so that they can produce their own short videos to be shown alongside the Street Movies short films.  Stay tuned as workshops have gotten underway and videos will start to be uploaded within the next few weeks

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  • Last week in Buffalo… June 14, 2012

    Tomorrow will wrap 5 weeks in Buffalo.

    A whirlwind, of 10 workshops and 12 great videos produced.

    From our workshops with the teens at Seneca Babcock we produced a collaborative video over the last 2 sessions…  One of the students suggested the theme of exploring the lack of opportunities for teens in the neighborhood, and they took it from there…

    The public workshop at Squeaky Wheel was also a great success. 10 participants in attendance, many of them came prepared with interesting ideas of places they wanted to document… This workshop deviated from the ‘video postcard’ structure a little bit, and a few people took it in a new direction! These videos are also part of an interactive documentary project titled, Present Spaces, Future Places that will be available online shortly at: http://www.crackingopen.org/futureplaces

    You can view all the Buffalo videos on Youtube, organized by Playlist:

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  • New Videos from Starlight Studio artists June 2, 2012

    My first stop in Buffalo was at the Starlight Studio and Art Gallery. As part of my residency at Squeaky Wheel, we had coordinated in advance with Starlight to organize 4 2-hr workshops. We worked with a group of 6 adults, none of whom had ever produced a video before, but are all really talented visual artists. With the assistance from Maggie and Dave from Starlight, and Goda from Squeaky Wheel, we led the group through a number of filming, interviewing, storytelling and story boarding activities. In terms of how this place connected to the larger theme of my project here in Buffalo, Present Spaces, Future Places, it became apparent after the first day that Starlight is an important safe space for these artists.  It’s a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their creative voice. They form strong friendships with one another and the staff who are there to support them in their work. Here are the final videos participants produced:

    The World of My Imaginations

    Masterpieces of Shapes by Shirley French


    Cowgirl Creations by Angela Robb


    Doll Show by Mathew Sharp

    Poetry 101

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  • Messages in Motion arrives in Buffalo May 17, 2012

    The MIM Van arrived in Buffalo on Sunday night. I will be staying until June 15th, as an artist in residence at Squeaky Wheel.

    Under the general theme of “Present spaces, future spaces,” I’ll be exploring creative uses of underutilized  public and vacant spaces. These photos are actually not at all representative of the landscape here in Buffalo… There is quite a diversity of architecture, green spaces, vacant spaces, commercial areas, waterfront, etc…  Last night, for example, I attended a presentation on Pop Up parks. One will be happening on June 9th and I look forward to documenting this creative use of recycled materials and vacant parcels.  Lots of great energy and activity in the city, and I look forward to getting to know the people and their places!

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