Last week in Buffalo…

Tomorrow will wrap 5 weeks in Buffalo.

A whirlwind, of 10 workshops and 12 great videos produced.

From our workshops with the teens at Seneca Babcock we produced a collaborative video over the last 2 sessions…  One of the students suggested the theme of exploring the lack of opportunities for teens in the neighborhood, and they took it from there…

The public workshop at Squeaky Wheel was also a great success. 10 participants in attendance, many of them came prepared with interesting ideas of places they wanted to document… This workshop deviated from the ‘video postcard’ structure a little bit, and a few people took it in a new direction! These videos are also part of an interactive documentary project titled, Present Spaces, Future Places that will be available online shortly at:

You can view all the Buffalo videos on Youtube, organized by Playlist:

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