New Videos from Starlight Studio artists

My first stop in Buffalo was at the Starlight Studio and Art Gallery. As part of my residency at Squeaky Wheel, we had coordinated in advance with Starlight to organize 4 2-hr workshops. We worked with a group of 6 adults, none of whom had ever produced a video before, but are all really talented visual artists. With the assistance from Maggie and Dave from Starlight, and Goda from Squeaky Wheel, we led the group through a number of filming, interviewing, storytelling and story boarding activities. In terms of how this place connected to the larger theme of my project here in Buffalo, Present Spaces, Future Places, it became apparent after the first day that Starlight is an important safe space for these artists.  It’s a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their creative voice. They form strong friendships with one another and the staff who are there to support them in their work. Here are the final videos participants produced:

The World of My Imaginations

Masterpieces of Shapes by Shirley French


Cowgirl Creations by Angela Robb


Doll Show by Mathew Sharp

Poetry 101