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Stop Smoking 1

This video was produced during an hour long workshop at the Frankford Library. See Tamyra’s and Dinnyue’s reflections on their experience here!

Achievement 1

This video was produced by Shane during the hour-long LEAP after school workshop at the Frankford Library. Here are Shane’s reflections on the process of making his video and the importance of positive messages:

No Bullying 1

This video was produced by students during the LEAP after school workshop at the Frankford Library.

The Importance of the Environment 0

This week at the Durham Library on Haverford Ave. we had the largest group of participants yet! Most of the young people were brought over from The Caring Center and together they created a collaborative video. They were inspired by other videos that addressed issues of the environment and decided to do their own take […]

Visit with M.I.C. Ta’Bon 0

I took a detour from the libraries when I heard about this project. MIC Ta’Bon, former ex-con, currently starting an outreach and educational movement to address young people about the reality of prison life before they have to encounter it themselves. However, he has a lot of insight on the connections between capitalism, politics, poverty, […]

Big Place of Knowledge 0

This video was produced during the LEAP afterschool program at the Charles Santore Library. I had a great animated group of participants this week, and I look forward to going back and doing more work with my neighborhood library!

The Great Neighborhood Library 0

Today was a small workshop at the Lehigh (Lillian Marrero branch) library. At first very shy, and hesitant, the 2 participant sisters, Aryam and Jemalix watched a few examples, and talked about their interest in the library. I mentioned how crucial it is for young people to express their appreciation for libraries given the mayor’s […]

Getting to know the Bustleton Library 0

Video produced by Vrunda, Aniyia, Vrunda and Elizabeth during an hour long workshop at the Bustleton Library.

Love for books 0

Video produced by Binson Cherian during hour-long workshop at the Bustelton Library.

Single Parent 0

This video was produced by Daaimah and her 3 daughters at the Lovett Library in Germantown during an hour-long MIM workshop.