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Knowledge is Power 0

Video produced during hour-long workshop at Lovett Library.

Workshop in Germantown 0

Well this was #3 of 10 Library workshops. We were a small group today, but still some good work got done. I left the topic open to ‘ a message you want to share.’ responses varied from struggles of a single parent, difficult work of school, to knowledge is power. I’m a bit unsure where […]

I feel supported when… 0

This video was produced by the participants at Cobbs Creek Library. The prompt was I feel supported when…

Workshop at Cobbs Creek 0

Today Colette and I worked with a group of 10 students at the Cobbs Creek Library. We used the prompt, “I feel supported when” to get the students moving… They each took the prompt in their own direction. Here are the results. Lots of talent among them!

Reflections from Cobbs Creek 0

Well the 1-hour time slot is a tall order to produce a video. We are experimenting with different themes, so we went from security to support this week. I showed the video from the day before as a way to introduce the project. We talked about the topic and moments when we feel supported. We […]

Security is… 0

Okay well today was the first in a series of workshops at branch libraries throughout the city. I have one hour to grab the attention of a group of 10 kids I’ve never met before and will likely never see again. The first stop was at the Cecil B. Moore branch. The first 20 minutes […]

What Happened to my Hood? 0

Highlighted Video! Richie was a new participant to drop into the PPEHRC office (Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign) when I was there last week. He brought over a computer and installed Pinnacle on it so we can start editing more efficiently! After watching this short video he put together in a day, I was […]

People Should stop doing drugs 0

First completed youth video- we did it in 1 hour! They did all the shooting with the Flip and the editing in imovie.. we are on our way. Instead of needing chalk, we took advantage of the first snowfall for the opening shot! The prompt was: Where do I come from and where do I […]

Youth workshops at PPEHRC begin 0

Film workshops with PPEHRC youth Workshops started today with the youth group at PPEHRC. We will be meeting weekly with them to create short videos and document their involvement with the PPEHRC farm that is under development on an empty lot a few blocks away. Today we did a really brief intro to the class, […]

Voices from the Foreclosure Struggle 0

Stand with Esther Smith and join us on November 18th at 2pm for a foreclosure training.Call Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign for more information. Phone: (215) 634-3350 Fax: (215) 634-3288