Back at Russell Byers Charter School- Powerful Voices for Kids

Last week I returned to Russell Byers Charter School (last summer I did a daylong class there as well).
We got to try out the new MIM toolkits, which was a useful resource have on hand.
I showed a few shorts from the one minute junior site to get us started talking about different concepts:
what do you think: (talk about environment and sequence)
Self portrait food: (talk about editing and representation)
chains: (talk about metaphor and camera angles)
Here is a 10-minute edited clip showing some of the classroom instruction.At the end of the day, we were able to start to develop our ideas around powerful voice.
The students responded to the prompt: “With my powerful voice, I can express….”
Here are some of the storyboards… I hope the videos will get finished in the coming week!

Here are the videos we produced last year- it was useful to show these to this class to give them an idea of the finished product…

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