Monthly Archives: July 2009

Closer to awesome 0

Katya and I returned to Centro today for a very successful day. Over the weekend I saw a a series of short films by Canadian experimental filmmaker Arthur Lipsett. His work really made me think deeper about how to think distinctly about the image and sound track in order to produce new meaning. I started […]

Exterior comes to life! 0

As the rain starts let’s hope for no unexpected smudging surprises! Bassem came over this afternoon and we transformed a working concept into a really rad painting project. We finished the map at dark which did not make it to the video, but looks really great. I’m almost done finalizing the logo which will go […]

Seamaac Letter Writing 0

We started planning for our videos with the Seamaac group. We now have a semi-consistent group of kids. We are using the postcard structure to generate short personal narratives about each student. The outline looks like this: “Dear Philadelphia, my name is ____. I live at ____. I want to tell you about myself….” The […]

MIM visits Centro Pedro Claver 7

On Monday Katya and I facilitated a workshop with a group of 11 14-18 year olds at Centro Pedro Claver at 6th and Erie as part of their summer work program (yes the kids get paid to make cool art and think about how to make change in their community, and how to keep making […]

Workspace! 0

Martin came over today and he built the workspace area. It looks amazing… With some tassle trim, we are almost good to roll.

Snap 1

Powerful Voices- Russell Byers Charter School 0

I was very excited to work with a very inspiring group of 12 years olds who are attending the Russell Byers Charter School. Powerful Voices is a Media Literacy summer camp offered to the students. I worked with 7 kids on the ‘Gold Team’ for a 5 hour session. Dave Moore, the instructor, and a […]

First time out with the cameras 0

We did an image scavenger hunt today with still cameras. I think it was a successful activity. They seemed excited to get out of the classroom. The scavenger hunt was a mixture of finding shots (cu of a circular object; wide shot of something in motion) and more conceptual ideas (love, work, danger). The flip […]

Seamaac camp starts today 0

I finished the first of 6 weeks with the Seamaac summer camp. Phally and Luce have been my faithful comrades up against a wily group of 8-15 year olds who, if given the chance would be happy playing icebreaker games instead of talking about making movies… The set up is 20 or so kids Tues […]

JoMar is the undiscovered gem of South Philly 3

Yesterday I took an inspired trip to Fabric Row, where I fell in love with thick orange fuzzy fabric at Kinkus- the $30/yd price was not going to hold me back…. Until…. I discovered the much talked about JoMar in South Philly, not to be confused with JoBo fabrics in Pensauken, NJ. JoMar is a […]