A voice from the street

While I was at Franklin Square with my Van door open- waiting for a group of students to return with their videos, I had a visitor.
John asked me what was going on- and I told him what I knew. He proceeded to give me his story about how he became homeless after getting
shot in the foot last January from a stray bullet- not having enough to cover the medical expenses- losing his room, his job, and having to live out on the street. He was particularly bothered by an experience he had in the park moments before when he asked an Asian woman for some help- and she responded something to the extent of he should ask his own people for help- apparently her 8yr daughter didn’t like that answer and extended a handful of candies. After talking for awhile, he asked me too if he could do something- clean the windows, hand out flyers- something for some change. I asked him if he wanted to make a video. At first, surprised, then nervous and into it…
this was his response. I hope he makes it to the library to see it published to the world. These are the ‘renegade’ moments, I appreciate most about this work…

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