Mill Creek Urban Farm


Today we visited a wonderful oasis in West Philly, Mill Creek Farm. This working farm has a small staff  and relies on neighborhood volunteers and school groups to keep the farm alive and running. Today they were building a cobb oven when we arrived. They have a compost toilet, a living roof, bee hives and of course rows of herbs and all sorts of vegetables- all pesticide free.

Since this was our first unorganized stop, we were a bit unsure how to plan. We had hoped to give the cameras to community gardeners to document and comment on their experience on the farm. Everyone was busy working, so we ended up doing most of the filmming. We definitely need to work on our ‘pitch’ and a very easy way for people to get involved, and not feel intimidated by ‘making a movie.’

I think when we have the full set up, including the monitor to be showing videos, work stations set up- an awning and chairs for people to congregate- it will be more of an event… but for now, it’s a good learning experience to try out different scenarios and meet awesome people along the way… and of course- keep documenting and growing the connections on the map. CHeck out the map at 49th and Brown for a guided tour! Thanks to Jo and Jade for hosting our visit!

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