Exciting Spring Workshops Planned!

 This Saturday MIM will be at the LEAD workshop at the Science Leadership Academy. Coordinated by the Mazzoni Center Mazzoni Center, dozens of high school students, teachers, and allies from around the city and region will gather from 10 AM to 4 PM, for the annual LEAD event!  LEAD is aimed at high school students who are active or wish to become involved in the citywide GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Network. MIM will be on site working with student leaders to document the day, record testimonials and edit a short video to share with allies.

Starting Monday March 26, MIM will lead a series of workshop at Casa Monarca with a group of adults who recently completed a computer training course. After learning the basics of web searches and applications, photo and social networking sites, they are ready to start making videos!  With 8 participants signed up, this will be the first Spanish Language MIM workshop, which I’m very excited about. The videos will premiere during the ‘De Pueblo a Pueblo Festival‘ in May.

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