Int’l Day of Action for Migrants Rights

Here is an excerpt from one stop along the ‘Posadas’ during the International Day of Migrants Rights, here in Philly.
“On Sunday, December 18th, people from every continent will be standing up and speaking out for the rights of migrants and against racism. Here in Philadelphia, members of a Latino congregation in N. Philly …came up with the idea of holding a Posada to call for the end of deportations and an end to the separation of families. This will be a prayerful procession through Center City.

Las Posadas (Spanish for “the inn”) is a traditional Mexican festival which re-enacts Mary and Joseph’s travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem and their search for room at the inn. A processional stops at a previously selected home and asks for lodging for the night. After being turned away twice, the people are then invited in to read scriptures, eat, and sing carols called villancicos.”
More info on location action visit: & Dream Activist PA

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