Solar Panel!

Well now that a little money is trickling in for the project, I took the plunge and bought a 180 watt solar panel!

Here is a good article that explains a bit of the process. I purchased a AGB Deep Cycle Battery and an inverter. All I’m missing is the charger controller, and perhaps a battery charger to keep the battery alive while it is in my basement until the Spring.

I’m hoping with an 180 Watt panel, and a 150 Amp Battery to be able to charge up 2 laptops and a monitor for 3 hours a day- since I”m only going out 2-3 times a week, the summer sun should be enough to sustain this.

I’m planning on doing the installation in the Spring. Meanwhile, I’m collecting the goods, and still searching for an efficient way to keep the fabric on the ceiling from not falling down. Help!

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