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Day 2 0

Day 2. We decided to pull up the floor covering. Seemingly innocuous rubber on top. Thinner and paint-soaked layers of insulation-like cotton candy below. Now the kids don’t have to breathe in paint fumes. We finished pealing off the decal letters and sanded all the exterior walls in preparation for painting! Next task: remove pesky […]

It’s here! 0

The Van arrived today. Excitement and a little anxiety. What did I get myself in to? We start by removing some of the interior shelves and digging our nails into the side decals to remove them. Parkway Painting is my dad’s business. The Van was with him for over 10 years and now it will […]

2 days until landing 0

The Van arrives on Wed morning. Once it’s parked outside my house, there will be no way to avoid diving in and getting dirty. I received the first round of artwork from Bassem who is creating characters and micro scenes for the exterior of the van. Here is a sneak  peak mock up of the […]

logo development 4

I think we are getting close to deciding on the logo/graphic design for the title… this has been quite an interesting process to go through. Michelle and Quizayra my trusty design team from UARTS have been working with me to get this just right. What do you think? first try:

google maps 0

So I’ve discovered that only youtube and google video (which is no longer taking uploads) can embed their code in Google MyMaps. Bummer! So, I reluctantly set up a Youtube page to host the test videos. And I found this site: which I’m excited to play around with. It seems you can add different […]

deep cycle marine batteries…oohhhh 0

Last night I met with Martin and Bruce, the tech team extraordinaires to talk about deep cycle marine batteries, chargers and fuses…Bruce calculated the amps we would need given the specs of running 2 PC laptops, a monitor, possibly computer speakers, a light? It was decided this was the way to go over a generator […]

moving right along 0

I had a great meeting today with Ellen, Irit and Dave regarding the development of the postcard template. We seemed to agree that the more specific the better. So I am testing different questions, prompts and formats to generate a short video in 6 shots that moves from observation to analysis and action. We all […]

Skyline 0

Morning panic 0

This morning lying in bed at 6am I woke in a panic afraid that the van would not fit in the parking space I was imaging.  Shit! What would I do… look for a garage? cancel the project? How could this have happened…. I throw on my sweatshirt and dig up my post it note […]

curriculum notes coming soon 0